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We care about giving back. In order to do our part, we give back 10% of our profits to organizations fighting against modern-day slavery. The leading organization we contribute to is A21, a non-profit with a mission to end slavery.

Unfortunately, human trafficking is very real in our day and age. It is the abuse of children, women, and men for their bodies and labor. It’s modern-day slavery. But all over the world, the cycle of trafficking is breaking. And one life at a time, this is how A21 is taking action to end slavery. 

"Every purchase from Light and Well contributes towards a larger mission."
Founder | Floral Artist

the impact of your purchase

01 Reach

Educating and equipping everyone to understand, identify, and reduce the risk of human trafficking through programs like educational curriculum, prevention programs, and awareness campaigns.

02 Rescue

Partnering with authorities to secure the freedom of victims and the conviction of human traffickers through programs like hotlines, child advocacy centers, identification trainings, and legal support.

03 Restore

Empowering survivors of human trafficking on their unique journey toward restoration and independence through programs like holistic aftercare, safe accommodation, and relocation services.

join the fight

educate yourself

Learn about human trafficking and how you can be part of the solution through the A21 Human Trafficking Awareness Program.

mobilize your community

Inform your community with information about the realities of human trafficking through A21's educational programs and awareness resources.

fund a global solution

Invite your friends and family to support freedom by starting a fundraising campaign to advance the fight against slavery.

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