At Light and Well our shared mission is to turn simple spaces into awe-inspiring moments. Whether that be through florals, design, or simple acts of kindness. Our floral displays are a means of creating elevated environments and in-turn, memorable experiences. 

Our founder has a background in event design, knowledge in interior design, and a passion for floral design.  Each one of our arrangements is designed with intention and is uniquely created to each customer’s individual design style. 

In addition, we care about our environmental impact. We source our florals locally to support local farmers and ensure our floral arrangements are always fresh. 

We care about social goodness. In order to do our part, we give back 10% of our profits to organizations fighting against modern-day slavery. Learn more about the cause by visiting www.a21.org.

"Even in the simplest of ways, always bring light and wellness into your daily life."
Founder | Floral Artist

our values

i. pay attention to the finest details

We create warm and welcoming spaces by staying committed to achieving an undeniably stunning design that withstands the test of time. We utilize complimentary colours, mixed materials and fresh blooms, never overlooking any detail.

ii. enjoy the experience

We do our best to streamline workflows and create a comfortable work environment so that the creative process is not cluttered with the stresses of life and business. Floristry and design should be done in a thoughtful manner, that sparks interest and captures a beautiful aesthetic.

iii. always share kindness

Light and Well is not just a name, but a mantra. There is no better way to increase light in your life than to be a light unto others. There is no better way to live in wellness than to let your actions align with your values. 

John 4:14




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